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"Who are we, who is each of us, if not a combinatoria of experiences, information, books we have read, things imagined? Each life is an encyclopedia, a library, an inventory of objects, a series of styles, and everything can be constantly shuffled and reordered in every way conceivable." (Italo Calvino)
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Utterly wordless.

I guess it was sort of a dare when, in last week’s recap, I declared that if the show asked to me to sympathize with Mapleton’s least favorite cult, I would remember the empty photo frames and resist.

The show accepted and opened this week with Gladys, a familiar scowling member of the Guilty Remnant, being pulled into the woods, taped to a tree and brutally stoned in a scene that had me covering my eyes and pulling my knees to my chest before the opening credits rolled.

And so?

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Extra Tidbits From This Week:

  • Who is Neil? And what’s in the bag? Whatever the answer to either question, it appears that Patti is preaching one thing (don’t care!), while doing another (you don’t place anything on someone’s doorstep out of lack of feeling).
  • Book/theory spoiler: Are the GRs creating martyrs? I wouldn’t be surprised if that is the twist on Gladys’s death, but the show has diverged in other places, and I suspect this might be another. Especially with the revelation that there are other cults out there. Cult on cult violence?
  • Pastor Matt has given up his newsletter, making him a redeemable and likeable character, despite always needing to be in the midst of everything.
  • A Nora focused episode next week. Yessss, this should be interesting.

Last week, I was way behind on the Reblog Book Club. Then I blew through California over the weekend and now I’m all caught up.

I had a few random thoughts that I’ll share, without giving too much away:

  • Currently, California is experiencing a major drought and is always under the threat from the San Adreas fault, and is not among the top states where I’d want to weather a deteriorating/post-apocalyptic world. I caught myself feeling annoyed when we learn the midwest is basically unlivable due to extreme winter weather. At least Minnesota has water! I wanted to argue. But we’d all like to imagine we’d survive the worst close to home, right? (Edan is a California girl!)
  • Micah is the worst. Of course Frida love(s)(d) him and I think he is a realistic character, I just think that, realistically, he sucks.
  • At one point I stopped reading to say to to Jeff: “When society crumbles and we’re living in some strange community in the middle of nowhere, we are NOT keeping secrets from each other.” Never too soon to get clear on that.
  • I’d love to see some fan art of how people envision the Spikes/Forms.

In previous episodes of The Leftovers, we have heard rumors and murmurs of how the world outside of Mapleton is handling the Sudden Departure. There have been congressional hearings, radio talk shows and ads for manufactured corpses that can be buried in place of a disappeared loved one. And though this week’s cold open followed the manufacture of an average toy baby doll it did bring to mind a question that is starting to float to the surface of the show: What, or who, is this doll replacing?

The Baby Jesus, as it turns out.

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Extra tidbits from this week:

  • The title this week is “B.J and the A.C.” which, I assume, refers to the Baby Jesus and The Antichrist.
  • The Mayor, while on the phone discussing a replacement Baby Jesus for the manger snaps, “The white one. Obviously the fucking white one.” I’d take a few more humorous moments like this, please.